Case Studies

One of our major strengths is the ability to produce bespoke feature lights to your own specification. We have a wealth of experience in a variety of material and manufacturing methods to translate your detailed CAD files or hand drawn sketches into practical and functional luminary.



County Mall in Crawley

The newly refurbished County Mall in Crawley required an eye-catching and beautiful light installation to hang in its lofty atrium space.

The Lights are made from flame-polished, thermoformed acrylic and welded to a bespoke aluminium truss system that hangs 25 metres above ground level. The lighting sculpture uses colour changing LEDs throughout the length of the 125-metre sculpture to add a sense of movement and flight. The installation was designed by Nulty Bespoke and pays homage to Crawley’s historic link with the aviation industry.


Saint Judes

A luxurious space, that offers a range of settings, all in a distinctive building.

St Judes called for some elegant Lighting solutions to complement the bars features. The shades; made for decorative purposes to create a warm intimate setting.


Sixtyone Restaurant

Sixtyone Restaurant, a discreet dining room in the boutique Montcalm Hotel in London requested a focal point for the establishment.

We created something that was in keeping with the restaurant’s laid-back style, but eye-catching and fascinating. The Light consist of Copper-plated rods mounted onto dibond panels, fixed within a central sunken panel in the ceiling. Each rod has an LED that illuminates downwards onto a copper polished sphere, providing “sparkles” of warm light. a total of 600 1W LEDs was used to create this masterpiece.


The Royal Albert Hall

The Royal Albert Hall has a variety of dining spaces & bars, a lighting solution was required to attract guests into the Verdi restaurant.

Verdi Italian Kitchen is the only one of the Royal Albert Hall’s restaurants open to non-ticket holders. The lights create an overhead runway through the hallway guiding you to Verdi Italian Kitchens's beautiful dining area.


The Royal Albert Hall Dining

South entrance foyer of this Grade I listed building which consists of a cafe, retail outlet, box office and general meeting area.

For the dining tables in the cafe, we made table-mounted fixtures. The oval shades created a modern appearance and makes them an interesting table feature. They distribute good levels of lighting for both the diners and the space in general.


News Corp HQ

Sitting at the top of the building are the company executive suites and events area.

Our task was to create a series of light sculptures that would create a visually pleasing atmosphere for guests who want to be mesmerised. The installation adjusts in tone and colour as it senses movement throughout the room. Each light comprises of a smoked chrome-plated rod which contain colour-changing LED luminaires and hang from the ceiling like an icicle. These rods are attached to lily pad-inspired tessellating base plates.



We were asked to create two lighting features for Fayair airline lounge in Stansted airport.

Fayair needed a impressive lighting sculpture to bring the room together and create a sense of elegance. One to hang above reception, and the other to hang above the lounge area. The chandelier contains LED spotlights shining down onto acrylic rods with some faces smooth and others frosted to create a mixture of shimmer and illuminated surfaces. The fixture sat within a central sunken panel in the ceiling.


The Original Penguin

The recycled chandeliers were created on a tight budget which inspired new ideas.

Penguin required some interesting lighting solutions in a large but difficult to fill space. We created several bespoke pendant lamps using mainly recycled elements, that fulfilled the client’s love for sustainable designs. The materials used included 100% recycled aluminium and glass. The fixtures also incorporate low energy lighting with fluorescent lamps in order to accomplish a softer glow than LED.


Office Lighting

Based in a London office its purpose was to create a focal point in the room adding creativity and personality.

We created a bespoke large white silk ribbon pleated pendant to be placed above the meeting room desk forming a focal point for the room. The complete design consists of sixteen individual shades; suspended from a large oval track mirroring the shape of the desk below. The lamps are housed in the interiors of each individual shade to create a warm, illuminating glow.


St Peters Court

Set within a listed 1830s converted church over six floors, This lighting feature hangs dramatically above the entrance.

The design was inspired by the building’s original stained glass windows. The Feature comprises of variations of yellow, orange and red perspex rectangles suspended on wires. Dichroic film was added to some of the perspex creating complex patterns of colour that works both in daylight and at night. To achieve as much reflection as possible, we added multiple small spotlights the the fixture.


Crowne Plaza - Glasgow

The Crowne Plaza Hotel is a refined business hotel next to the SEC with stylish dining and upscale riverside accommodation.

We made what is possibly some of the largest lamp shades in Europe, in the sophisticated Mariner Restaurant set within the Crowne Plaza. The design was inspired by the ships that once sailed down the river that runs along side the hotel.


Hilton London Metropole

We were selected to manufacture these unique looking lamp shades in the contemporary surroundings of this modern bar and lounge located on the lobby level of this Central London Hotel.

The lounge is used both as a bar and a restaurant. This meant the lighting had to create a relaxing atmosphere for when your enjoying your morning coffee or afternoon tea and also when dining in the evening or sipping signature cocktails. We made some very unique shade that hung over the main seating area.