Maintenance Costs too High?

Does regular house keeping removing unsightly dust and insects from hard to reach pendants prove difficult? Enquire today to learn more about our range of enclosed lampshade solutions which eliminates ingress, dust, and insects saving you time and money.

We acknowledge the value of time, less maintenance equals savings in manpower and costs, a large proportion of our Shades can be sealed using gear trays and diffusers reducing cleaning regimes.

Aesthetically pleasing when viewed from an elevated gallery or stairwell. Works in tandem with a base diffuser, eliminating dust and insects for reduced maintenance and useful for hard to reach fittings.

This removable diffuser softens the stark glare from the naked lamps (bulbs) creating a warm glow. Works in tandem with the top gear tray to eliminate dust and insects from inside the fitting.

Wiring can be damaged by over exuberant customers and vintage wiring can perish over time, however, treasured fittings can be rewired and brought back to life. Fittings from international standards can also be adapted to UK specifications, and PAT tested in compliance with latest safety legislation.

Painting & Polishing
We can repaint or re polish fittings to restore the original lustre, should you wish to keep the current finish of your antique, rustic or retro fitting. We can also carefully remove unwanted tarnish or corrosion whilst maintaining the objects original appearance.

Chandelier Restoration
Our Artisan craftsmen can undertake structural repairs, closely match antique finishes and replace crystal where possible or fully re crystal if required. Where wiring does not exist or is unsafe we will rewire to latest specifications and test restoring your chandelier to its former glory. 

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