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We utilise the latest CNC technology, which provide you with market leading precision and surface finish to complement your lighting designs.


Manufacturing and Fabrication

Our Lighting can be constructed with CNC cut laminate, acrylic, and wood to create eye catching and functional luminaire - designed by you. We can also use this technology to produce decorative covers, acoustic panels, and much more.

We offer an extensive in-house manufacturing, fabrication and distribution service for all of our customers. We have decades of experience in manufacturing beautiful and elegant lighting in-house. We ensure that all our fixtures are manufactured in the UK, by our own specialists, with very precise emphasis on detail.


Design Development

If you have an idea and need assistance making your concept a reality. This is the service for you. We provide precision routing, laser cutting, drawing formatting and 3D design.

What are CAD Drawings? 

CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawings contain all the information we require to produce your design. 

How do I obtain a CAD drawing?

There are a number of CAD applications on the market, AutoCAD and Solidworks are two popular ones amongst many. Once the design has been drawn in one of these packages please export a DXF (Document Exchange Format or Drawing Interchange Format) file and sent via email to us which we use to programme our machines. If you are unable to obtain CAD applications don't worry, we can produce your art work for you.

What if I create my designs using a Adobe package such as Illustrator?

One can "Live Trace" in Illustrator and export as a DXF, however these are rarely usable and normally have to be redrawn using a CAD application.

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