Iberian has teamed up with a major manufacturer of antimicrobial and antiviral products to produce a treatment system specifically for Lampshade fabrics.

HOSPITALITY / CARE INDUSTRY: The future of your business is the future of our business, were in this together!

As the leading UK manufacturer of lampshades, we understand the impact Coronavirus has had on the hospitality and care sectors. Iberian has teamed up with a major UK manufacturer of antimicrobial and antiviral products to develop a treatment system specifically designed for lampshade fabrics. After extensive trials, full production started in early May. These treated shades now form part of the solution our customers can introduce in order to safely re-open to the public. Due to the increasing demand, we have now doubled our production in our brand-new facility based in East Sussex.

How it Works
When bacteria or viruses land on the porous surface of a treated fabric, the silver ions prevent microbial growth.This antimicrobial technology has been proven effective at reducing the viability of Norovirus and Feline Coronavirus on these treated fabrics.

Lifetime Protection
Our treatment is effective against bacteria and is also highly effective against the growth and proliferation of viruses. This protection is effective for the lifetime of the produced shade eliminating any future attention.

Independent Tests
In independent laboratory tests, the effects of the treatment on the virus was measured after 5 minutes, 30 minutes and 1 hour.

The outcome was a virucidal effect on the test virus by 93% in half an hour, and 99% within an hour.

Technical Information

Please click on link or image to download our Anti-microbial/viral shade details.



All of our Covid-19 resistant shades come with a discreet 10mm square label added during manufacture, ensuring you and your patrons know these are Anti-Microbial / Viral treated.

Awareness & Promotion
Establishments can use QR codes and links to further detailed information on websites, these can be used on social media platforms and included in your guest’s welcome pack. This promotes the undertaking made to ensure customers safety whilst they remain your guests. This awareness will foster peace of mind, a proven driving force for increased revenue.

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Same Unprecedented Choice
Our Anti-Microbial / Viral Lines have been carefully developed to work with over 98% of the shades we produce allowing complete freedom to replace your existing shades quickly and effortlessly. We can produce shades in any size, colour and style, so send us and image with dimensions or an actual shade and we will manufacture the perfect replacements.

UK Manufactured
We manufacture exclusively here in the UK, allowing us full control in the design and making process for close collaboration with designers and procurement divisions. This ensures production is accurate, fast and efficient for volume orders with timed and roll-out delivery schedules.

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