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Create the desired look with our professional stock or bespoke restaurant lighting.



Restaurant Lighting

Restaurant Lamp ShadesRestaurant Lighting is integral in obtaining the desired personality individual to each establishment.




We manufacture all of our large and oversized restaurant lighting in-house which ensures we always have the UK’s largest choice of size, colour and fabrics available for order today.


During breakfast a high level of warm light is generally required, pleasant for awakening guests and useful enough for easily reading morning newspapers while enjoying their beverage and/or breakfast.


Lunchtime restaurant lighting requires a moderate level of lighting to focus a faster
turnover of customers, especially helpful during the lunch time rush.


A lower intensity of light creating a more intimate and leisurely atmosphere during the
dinner hour is always welcome and appreciated by customers.


Fine Dining
Fine dining demands low intensity lighting creating an intimate and unhurried atmosphere. The low level of light is generally associated with higher prices and a high quality service.
A common mistake here usually ends up with customers having difficulty reading your
menus and/or enjoying the visual masterpieces created in your kitchens.

Our extensive knowledge in the large restaurant lamp shade field allows us to confidently create bespoke products for our clients, if you require something completely different or a slight change to one of our existing catalogue ranges then get in touch today.