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Office Lamp ShadesOffice Lighting is integral in obtaining the correct working environment.




We manufacture all of our large and oversized office lighting in-house which ensures
we always have the UK’s largest choice of size, colour and fabrics available for order today.


In general terms office lighting needs to ensure employees have adequate light to work accurately and efficiently. Although recommendations and standards define suitable light levels, office tasks usually vary from one company to another. Work involving small scale
or complex detail may require a higher lighting level for accuracy, however if only a minority of people in a large office area perform these tasks then local lighting could be employed
for these workers. Ensuring office lighting falls onto walls and ceilings will prevent dark surfaces and create a balanced and a pleasant work environment.


Reception Desk
A high level of light is generally required for the reception area. A well-lit reception area will naturally attract people and help orientate visitors by giving them a visible point of contact.


Conference Rooms
A moderate lighting level is required to perform tasks such as reading, writing and good communication between people. Controllable lighting is advisable to allow softer illumination for relaxed or close contact and higher levels for people with special needs who may utilise lip-reading or signing. Placement also needs to be considered to minimise shadowing on projector screens, whiteboards and presentation areas.


Our extensive knowledge in the large office lamp shade field allows us to confidently create bespoke products for our clients, if you require something completely different or a slight change to one of our existing catalogue ranges then get in touch today.