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Elliptical Cage Light



A Elliptical Cage Light ideally suited for most interior spaces.


CAGE LIGHT: EllipticalElliptical cagelight image



Description: Standard, Cage light, Elliptical, Uncoated

Max Dia: 150mm

Height: 210mm

Fitting: E27

Colour: Standard

Wired: Optional Extra

Suspension: Optional Extra

Product Code: S/CA/ELLI/U



Spec sheets


pdf Print Friendly Cage Light Elliptical spec sheet



Optional Extras:

For an additional cost to the (included) standard features
above, our range of Regular Cage’s can also be ordered
with the following optional extras.





Order this shade with a Colour finish.


Code Description
CA/ELLI/GOL Cage Light, Elliptical, Gold
CA/ELLI/SIL Cage Light, Elliptical, Silver
CA/ELLI/CRE Cage Light, Elliptical, Cream
CA/ELLI/BLU Cage Light, Elliptical, Blue
SCA/ELLI/WHI Cage Light, Elliptical, White
CA/ELLI/BLK Cage Light, Elliptical, Black
CA/ELLI/CUS Cage Light, Elliptical, Custom Colour




Suspension Kits:

Our suspension kits come in a wide choice of finishes/colours.


Code Description Click here for more Suspension info
E/SUS/PSF1 Clear Flex, Single Lampholder, 100mm Ceiling Cup suspension kits
E/SUS/PSF1BR Briaded Flex, Single Retro Lampholder & Ceiling Cup




Decorative Filament Lamps:

We offer a wide range of retro decorative filament lamps.


Code Description Click here for more Lamp info
E27/RFL/GLS60 Retro Filament - GLS Dia:60mm H:170mm 60watt Lamps
E27/RFL/GL80 Retro Filament - Globe Dia:80mm H:110mm 40watt
E27/RFL/GL120 Retro Filament - Globe Dia:120mm H:170mm 40watt
E27/RFL/GL120B Retro Filament - Globe Dia:120mm H:170mm 60watt
E27/RFL/CL/64 Retro Filament - Classic Dia:64mm H:140mm 35watt
E27/RFL/CL/64B Retro Filament - Classic Dia:64mm H:140mm 40watt
E14/RFL/GLF60 Retro Filament - Golf Ball Dia:60mm H:88mm 25watt
E14/RFL/CAN60 Retro Filament - Candle Dia:35mm H:95mm 40watt