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Create the desired look with our professional stock or bespoke bar lighting.



Bar Lighting

Bar Lamp ShadesBar Lighting is integral in obtaining the desired personality individual to each establishment.




We manufacture all of our large and oversized bar lighting in-house which ensures we
always have the UK’s largest choice of size, colour and fabrics available for order today.


Deciding on the overall look to your bar lighting is very important in creating the correct atmosphere for your guests. Our shades can be used as main feature lights encouraging
the majority of people to congregate in one area and nested around to create intimate
or social spaces for your guests to unwind.


The most common type of lighting used for bar environments tends to be pendants that are situated over the bar counter. Our shades can be made for decorative purposes only with most of the light flooding away or to light the bars surface to for a warm intimate setting and help staff members with their duties.


Wall Lights
Wall lighting is another great way to add further ambient light around your bar area. This fixture is also commonly spaced around many premises and also doubles to help fill empty wall space or decorate large pillars that can often be found inside.


Our extensive knowledge dealing with large bar lamp shades allows us to confidently create bespoke products for our clients, if you require something completely different or a slight change to one of our existing catalogue ranges then get in touch today.